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Erfan Hossain

Reiki Master, Holistic healing therapis& Kundalini master, Holistic Life coach


Distant Energy Healing

Distance Reiki are some things that allows you to unleash the physical and psychological in you. The philosophy focuses on the ways during which the mind and body cleanse themselves – especially if they need been trapped for a long time.

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Welcome to HAZARD CRUSHER. I am very glad to see you here. Yes you are at the right place. You have already known that every month I conduct a free regular healing for 10 members.Hazard Crusher are requested to like my fan page and join my official group to get connected with me if there is any emergency.

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Aimed to encourage and inspire you to bring out the best in you so you can head forward with a happy and meaningful life. It would be great if you join with this page and start living your life with the fullest.

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