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Hazard Crusher has guided thousands of people through major life changes, helping them find true health and balance using Reiki, Distance energy healing, and reflexology. Over many years of supporting people on their spiritual path, I’ve recognized that working in partnership with Spirit brings the greatest results. When we each connect with both our inner wisdom and higher guidance we are able to see the world in new ways.
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Spiritual healing can help with physical, mental and emotional problems.Spiritual healing can help with physical, mental and emotional problems. To help you clear whatever is blocking you, old karmic stories, frequencies and imbalances, and step into your Unique Power to willfully create your new reality and begin manifest your Dream Life & Goals. You can receive distance spiritual energy healing wherever you live in the world.

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Technology is at the core of Health Coach. It allows us to center care around our patients (not insurance codes) and to innovate and streamline our services. It helps us coordinate care across offices, keep providers better connected, and provide benefits like automatically searching for generic versions for prescriptions — saving everyone time, money, and effort.

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Real life is unpredictable, and getting sick is easy. Health Coach was designed to create a complete, exemplary primary care experience that fits into our patients’ real lives. We offer same-day appointments that start on time, virtual visits 24/7, and calm, conveniently located offices so your employees will actually want to go to the doctor.

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